The MikroWin PlateOrganizer extends the possibilities of MikroWin concerning input and Administration of sample identification data. On the one hand the PlateOrganizer is able to distribute sample identification data to up to 10 columns, so that e.g. for each sample, a sample ID, an expiration date, a batch number, a stock location etc. can be assigned to.On the other hand, the PlateOrganizer provides a comfortable method to enter sample information data, independent of MikroWin.Therefore, several microtiter plates can be prepared before the actual measurement is taken place.



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MikroWin PlateOrganizer

Identify your samples. Add meta data to each sample. Assign assays to perform to each sample. Print ToDo lists for manual pipetting.



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MikroWin PlateProcessor

Pipett samples into microplates for multiple tests in parallel. Print ToDo lists for manual pipetting.


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MikroWin 2013

Control your microplate based Instrument. Combine sample identifier data and measurement values. Calculate assay results and generate appropriate reports.


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MikroWin QC-Pack

Use the MikrWin QC-Pack to verify your microplate based reader. Repeat QC on defined intervals. Assign QC to each perfomred assay. Utilize QC database for autid trails.